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Mustafa Jarrar
Associate Professor
Computer Science, Birzeit University

Knowledge Engineering

This course aims to enrich students with theoretical and practical skills in conceptual modeling, knowledge representation and management, Semantic Web technologies, ontology engineering, modern knowledge-based web applications, and data governance.

Course Outline

Part I : Conceptual Data Modeling using ORM:
Vedio lecture    Introduction to Conceptual Data Modeling (Slides)
Vedio lecture    Conceptual Analyses and Design Steps (Slides)
Vedio lecture    Uniqueness and Identity Business Rules (Slides)
Vedio lecture    Mandatory Business Rules (Slides)
Vedio lecture    Other Constraints Part I: (Slides: Math Background, Value Rules , Set Rules )
Vedio lecture    Other Constraints Part II: (Slides: Subtypes, Frequency Rules)
Vedio lecture    Final Check Schema Engineering: (Slides: Rules Implications, Rules Contradiction , Modeling Tips)
Vedio lecture    Verbalization of Business Rules ( Slides)
Vedio lecture    Schema Equivalence and Optimization ( Slides)
Vedio lecture    Schema Modularization and Business Rules ( Slides)
Vedio lecture    Representing ORM in Description Logic (Slides)
Vedio lecture    ORM and Description Logic Practical Session

Part II : Semantic Web Technologies
Vedio lecture RDF Graph Data Model (Slides)
Vedio lecture RDFs - RDF Schema (Slides)
Vedio lecture OWL - Ontology Web Language (Slides)
Vedio lecture Linked Open Data (Slides)
Vedio lecture RDFa (Slides)
Part III : Ontology Engineering and Lexical Semantics

Vedio lecture    Introduction to Ontology (Slides) (PDF)
Vedio lecture    Ontology Engineering and Double Articulation (Slides) (PDF)
Vedio lecture    Zinnar: The Palestinian e-Government Interoperability Framework (PDF)
Vedio lecture    Lexical Semantics and Multilingualism (PDF)
Vedio lecture    WordNet and Global WordNet (PDF)
Vedio lecture    Arabic Ontology (PDF)
Part IV : Modern Knowledge-based Applications

Each student is expected to write a synthesis paper and deliver a presentation about one of the listed topics. The paper should answer a question like “why and how ontologies are used in Data Integration”, “why and how ontologies are in e-government and e-municipality” – from your own view point. Students are expected to read and cite (at least 5 refereed papers) to support their viewpoints. Citing websites and Wikis is allowed but should be limited; the extreme majority of the references should be recent research papers. Again, the paper should NOT be a summary of others’ papers, but rather, it should represent your (own) opinion -and your opinion should reflect the state-of-art in research and possible applications related to the selected topic. The highest mark will be given to students who (i) cite the most important research and applications related to the topic, (ii) give better criticism and comparison on these paper, and present innovative ideas and solutions, and (iii) his/her English and writing style is perfect. The paper should be written in this template:
Students are expected to give a seminar presentation in the class (20 minutes only) about their paper.
3/12/2012 First draft of the presentations should be delivered in PowerPoint format – so to get general comments.7/12/2012 First draft of the Synthesis Paper will be presented in the class – so to get general comments.7/12/2012 Final PowerPoint Presentation: Each student will be given 20 minutes only to present her/his topic in the class.20/12/2012 final Synthesis Paper in PDF format.
Mohammad A. ZeinEddin, Wafaa K. Radwan: Web 3.0 -Semantic Web, RDFa, Linked data, Facebook Open Graph. (Paper, Presentation)
Ahmad Zeidan, Diyam Fuad Akra: SPARQL and RDF Stores. (Paper, Presentation)
Bashar Hammouri, Haneen Droubi: Semantic Search and Ontology-based Multilingual Search engines. (Paper, Presentation)
Salam Turkman: Semantic Web Services and Ontology-based GIS applications and reasoning. (Paper, Presentation)
Ali A. Al Jadaa, Basel A. Midani: Ontology-Based Data Integration, e-government and e-municipality. (Paper, Presentation)
Malak Shtawi, Samar Khudruj: Bioinformatics and life-science ontologies. (Paper, Presentation)

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