Thesis/Internship proposal
Incorporating upper level ontologies into Dogma.

Contact: Dr. Mustafa Jarrar

Description: To improve the quality of ontologies in Dogma automatically, i.e. achieving a systematic ontological quality and precision on the specification of the intended meanings of a concept. These specifications might need to receive more formal restrictions, than just mapping lexons into logical statements.
For example, without introducing further formal restrictions to the following lexons:
<Bibliography: Man, Is-a, Person>
<Bibliography: Author, Is-a, Person>
<Bibliography: Mustafa, Is-a, Person>
the ontological difference (or the misuse of ‘is-a’) cannot be systematically detected.
The ontology base in Dogma should be extended to incorporate primitives of upper level ontologies, See section 3.3.7. Upper level ontologies are formal axiomatic systems that describe the most general categories of reality. Such ontologies are not only application and task independent but also domain (and possibly language) independent axiomatizations.

In your thesis/internship you will extend and implement the work described in section 3.3.7.

Research issues (not required for internships): upper level ontologies, formal semantics of relationships.
Skills: Java
See: Related proposals.