Thesis/Internship proposal
Business Rule Engine for ORM.

Contact: Dr. Mustafa Jarrar

Description: ORM has proven to be very successful for modeling and querying a business domain on the conceptual level. At STARLab, we have developed an ORM markup language (ORM-ML) for representing ORM models in an XML based syntax.
Many so called style sheets can be written to convert this ORM-ML syntax into any other syntax, in this case a business rule engine language. STAR Lab will help students to get a free academic license for Haley's rule engine (see The style sheet for the Haley rule engine (a small Demo) could then be built during the stage. Once this style sheet has been built, the Haley rule engine could be used to check the consistency etc. of commitments built in the DOGMA ontology commitment layer, Please read chapter 3 for more information. This work could be extended (as a thesis) to include more style sheets for RIDL, which is an ORM-based conceptual query language. Which enables the possibility not only for modeling but also for querying business models.

Research issues (not required for internships): constraint modality and satisfiability.
Skills: Java, ORM-ML, RIDL, Haley's rule engine, etc.
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