Thesis/Internship proposal
Building an ontology for systematic innovation knowledge management.

Contact: Dr. Mustafa Jarrar

Description: You will develop an ontology to capture the definition and correlation between: articles, books, persons, organizations, patents, projects, conferences, journals, workshops, research activities, etc.; as well as classifications of research topics/research communities, etc. You will link this ontology with content sources that include many: research papers/articles, project proposals, patent descriptions, call-for-papers, etc. Then you will develop a web portal to support community innovation services. For example supporting specialized queries to know: emergent and hot topics, the amount of funding and the productivity of a certain research community, interactions and overlaps between two research communities.

Research issues (not required for internships): Fast SQL queries, ontology-based data mining,
Skills: Java, Javascript, Tomcat, ORM.
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